Fashion trends are often adapted and followed by all, however every trend has a thought process behind it. The evil eye jewelry trend has been reaching peaks. People are experimenting with fashion using it. But the question arises, do we know the meaning behind evil eye? Not everyone is aware about the nitty gritty and some simply wear/use it because it is popular.

Well, the evil eye concept dates back to the inceptive stages of civilizations. It was said to be first seen in ancient Greece. The symbol of evil eye represents the negative stare of a person. This malevolent, spiteful stare is said to bring bad luck to a person. Not only that but people also believe it deteriorates health, brings curse or even casts a lethal spell on the person or their loved ones.

The concept of an evil eye is varying from country to country and it is also a part of cultural sentiments of some. Call it a superstition or not, everyone has their views about it. It has a blue and white eye symbol known as a nazar amulet, which is said to be a protecting shield against all negativity. It is used, worn or kept near the person in the form of a hanging, a jewelry or a show piece. This evil eye symbol is said to reflect back the negative powers to someone who had vindictive intentions.

With time the influence of evil eye in the fashion industry has grown a lot. These kind of jewelries are being worn widely. From earrings to necklaces, they have started incorporating the evil eye using different patterns, shapes, forms and designs.

If you are fond of trying out and experimenting or if you already wear the symbol then we have some amazing and over the top collection for you to get.

  • Single layer necklace: An artificial gold plating necklace with an evil eye pendant. The pendant is embedded with rhinestones and beads.


  • Double layer: We have options for two layered necklaces. One is a simplistic mini pendant neckpiece. The other one has three evil eye pendants with one of its layer covered with blue and white beads. The pendants have intricate designs that represent the protection symbol. Yet one more which has a vintage look to it. The evil eye is made of small colored rhinestones to give it a rustic look. Lastly, we have one silver plated neckpiece which has an outline pendant of a moon and the symbol.


  • Multi-layered: Our multilayer collection is all bohemian and classic wear. The chain is common gold/silver plated but the pendants are varying. One has a heart, butterfly and a golden evil eye charm. From water drop beads to stars and pouring wine glass, they look super catchy on the necklace.


  • Earring: evil eye earrings are also worn widely by women and men. The one we have for you is this extravagant stud earring with blue stones and apt design structure. The black evil eye earring is bold & snappy. The three drop charms and the entire piece has the same design which gives it a bohemian look. Lastly, there is a street style hoop. This hoop has a golden elongated support with the simplistic eyes.


There is room for inventiveness when it comes to designing jewelry using this symbol. The amulet and hamsa is commonly used.  By now you are well aware about the whole reason behind the concept of evil eye and the relation of it with fashion has paired to be a whole new famed trend.


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