How will you define fashion? We in Social Blingz believe that fashion is much beyond what we actually know. Fashion in a micro sense is a medium that we use, to flaunt ourselves. It ultimately reflects our personality which enhances our confidence and self-esteem. This whole world of fashion today has set limitless barriers for research and convention. From selecting the right nail paint to being picky about the silhouette, it’s all the little things that come together to form ‘FASHION’.

In early 80’s and 90’s when people started experimenting with clothing, the term ‘style’ evolved. From being creative with different patterns, prints, materials and colors to pairing it with shoes, bags and accessories, we have seen a trail of trends. Talking about trends, well we know it ourselves! From the retro times to the current one, trends have completely filled the fashion palette. Today, repeating trends has also become a part of the fashion culture. The fashion industry has not only introduced new styles of clothing pieces but also promoted bell bottoms, camisoles, palazzos, polka dots and checks which were known to us from the very long time.

Coming to the elementary thing that is accessories like earrings, neck less, bracelets, etc. Earrings have become a true representative of art and culture. From choosing different stones, silver, junk, gold and platting’s many artisans are earning their livelihood through this. Neck less is an accessory that is never unnoticed. The market offers multi varieties when it comes to authentic neck pieces.

Something that we always consider as a sidekick can also steal the show. These show stealers are belts! We had never imagined that the belt in a broader sense will be such an essential to the attire! It has become a symbol for most luxury brands. The processing and composition of a belt has not only become complex but also given us a huge variety to choose from. If we go to the intricate of fashion, we’ll learn that a belt can be used to twin a handbag with or be a complete contrast of!

Trends are never constant; they keep on changing according to the people. Well the fact is that every individual has their sense of style. They have their own likes and dislikes and wardrobe combination. The good news is that we at Social Blingz are upgrading our closet and adding a vast stock of accessories as well as all kinds of women’s clothing according to everyone’s preference! Keep up in trend with social Blingz!

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