Handbags have become an inherent part of everyone's lives. From toddlers to adults everyone has a captivation for handbags. Handbags are broadly differentiated depending on the silhouette, type of shape and handle. Handbags have become a part of the body for most women out there. We can't think of stepping out of the house without a mini purse too.

       Ever pondered about the types of them? Yes, handbags have a variety of types depending on many facets. Baguette, clutch, hobo, tote, shoulder bags, messenger bags, Satchel, sling bags, saddle purse, and many more are exclusive types of handbags. Each one of them has its distinctive feature and uses.

        Looking for something that is sustainable, durable, customizable, spacious, inexpensive and manageable? A tote bag is one amongst these multitasking ones! Also addressed as shopper's bag this is the most widely used bag by both men and women across the globe. The size of a tote bag ranges from medium to large, with two adjustable handles parallel to each other on the top side of the bag. Totes are made from solidly built materials like canvas fabric, leather, denim, upholstery fabric, drapery fabric, heavy nylon at times, etc. These materials ensure durability. It is the perfect companion for women on the go. It looks prominent with any outfit provided it is color co-ordinated. A tote can be used for office, gym, knitting, shopping, beach use, etc.

       Next extensively used bags that we at Social Blingz provide you are shoulder bags. As the name suggests they are bags to carry around on the shoulder. Shoulder bags can have either one or two straps depending upon the size and pattern of the bag. These bags do not have a specific range of sizes. They come in any shapes and sizes, again depending upon the pattern and straps. They're made using heavy fabrics like faux leather, waxed canvas, duck canvas, vinyl, jute sometimes and other durable materials. Shoulder bags are suitable for school going children, teenagers, travelling women, etc.

       Bags being an inherent accessory for every woman, should have decency as well as a style quotient. Similar to shoulder bags we also have another type which is 'Hobo Bag'. Hobo bags are versatile itself. They have a capacious compartment and the top surface tends to bulge down wards when lifted or added things in it. It is mostly single satchel which looks quite stylish when carried. Hobo bags are produced using basic and flexible fabrics like soft leather, microfiber or suede. It is ideal for a road trip, for travelling, for a day out or even beach parties!

      We’re sure after reading this you all will have got quite informed about the types of bag you need for your daily life and the types we provide to you. Social Blingz affirm you great quality and multi variety of bags that will fulfill and complete your outfits with the ideal selection. For your comprehension we are going to add more information about handbags every month. So why wait? Check out our hand purse collection!

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