Insights Of Our Jewellery Collection

 “Accessories are what, in my opinion, pull the whole look together and make it unique.”-  Yves Saint Laurent. For every outfit to look like a well put one, requires  accessories that will add a finishing touch to the outfit. Jewelry is one such prime accessory that uplifts the entire look. Well, if it is wrongly paired it can even break the entire outfit. In this blog we will show you some of our most loved jewelry collection that can be your next buy!


Earrings are embellishments that make you look even more beautiful and well dressed.  We always aim at putting out pieces that are very trendy as well as the one that cater to everyone’s requirements.

  1. Hollow geometrical studs:

Fashion jewelry has seen a lot of progress since the 2000’s, as you can see these earrings are totally different. It is has a geometrical alignment with hollow space where a crystal is fit. They are the best wear for your classic evening or brunch by the bay.


  1. Charm hoops:

These golden drop hoops have edgy dangling charms like the eyes and lips. If you are someone who is fond of bold, vibrant earrings, then these ones are made especially for you. These metal earrings give a bohemian vibe that will compliment all basic colors.


  1. Work it:

Confused as to what you can purchase for your work wear? Here is an option for you. These minimalistic earrings are apt for your 9 to 5. They are light weighted, unique with a marble effect stud.



The best way a woman can adorn herself is by wearing necklaces. Here are a few must haves that we have in store for you. These are versatile pieces specially made for you. Accessorize right and accessorize with pride.

  1. Choker:

Ever since the trend of chokers started, their styles have evolved and evolved into exquisite pieces. This golden choker is simply garnishing. The fishbone pattern of the choker will make you stand out!


  1. Statement necklace:

Modish pieces should top the list of every buyer. This rhinestone necklace is simply plush and splendid. If you feel you can pull this off, stop and buy it right away. The four row belt pattern and the sparkling studs are awesome! You can pair this with your ethnic outfits during special occasions.


  1. Multilayer is mandatory:

Lastly for this blog, is another type of neckwear ‘multilayer necklace’? When you want to add a chic factor in your outfit, you can layer up your clothing with these types of multilayer ornaments. The one we chose for you has FOUR layers! Each layer has a pendant or a charm. This one is inspired by beaches and bohemian vibes. It has a beach shell, a metal ball, moon, cowries, etc.



Accessories also can be twinned. There are sets of necklaces and earrings that complement each other very well. Sets are an amazing gifting option too. You can always gift one and never go wrong.



If you are wondering how ornaments are selected, then here are a few tips that will help you shop better.

  1. Check the weight and size of the jewelry.
  2. Know your budget.
  3. Consider color palettes.
  4. Buy according to the occasion.
  5. Do not buy the same kind of pieces.





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