Scrolling online or going in stores, we all find clothes that we love but cannot buy. We fear of not being able to pull off an outfit right? Well, in order to determine that, you need to understand what your body type is.

This blog will give you a brief information on how to determine your body type and what kind of clothes will go well with it.

Remember the word ‘ShWaHiBu ‘i.e. shoulder, waist, hips, bust.

Step 1- Get a good measuring tape in centimeters or inches (Avoid metal ones).  

Step 2- Start with shoulders: make sure you measure the extreme ends around your shoulder. Try to leave the ends a little lose.

Step 3- Bust: to measure around your bust be a little snuggly and wrap the tape according to how easily can you breathe. Do not make it too tight since that won’t give you ideal results.

Step 4- Waist: determine if your natural waistline is above the belly button or below it. After finding that out- stand straight and do not tuck your stomach in, stand as naturally as you can. Wrap the tape around your waist and note the number.

Step 5- Hips: wrap the tape from the starting point to that point again. Make sure you cover the entire circumference of your buttocks.

Step 6- map an outline of your body shape from the numbers that you have got from following the steps above. In case you find it difficult you can find a body shape calculator online.


Types of body shapes & their outfits-

  1. Pear- Also known as triangle body type, a pear shaped body is the one where the hips/thighs are bigger than the upper body. Here the shoulders are not wide and the legs are more noticeable.
  • Tops: Peplum, square neck, off shoulder.
  • Jeans: Straight fit, high waist.


  1. Apple- This type is the opposite of pear. Here the upper body is hefty like the shoulder are broad and the bust line is bigger and legs are usually slimmer.
  • Since this one is more about the upper body you can search for clothes that can define your waist like wrap up tops/dresses, empire waist fit, belts, etc. Flared and boot cut jeans are also a must buy.  


  1. Hourglass- an hourglass body shape is the most balanced body type. The upper and lower body are proportionate making you’re the waist pretty well-defined. This is the most coveted body type.
  • Tops- cropped, V neck, Cow neck.
  • Bottoms- wide leg, slim fit, ripped jeans.
  • Dresses- body fitting, jumpsuits


  1. Rectangle- if your ShWaHiBu measurements are uniform and similar in figures then your type is the rectangle one. This one is considered to have a straightforward fit.
  • Ruched dresses, pleated pants, puff sleeved tops, trench coats and everything experimental is your go to fit.


  1. Inverted triangle- the most modest definition of an inverted triangle body type is that the shoulders are much broader than the hips making your hips looking small.
  • The best fits for this type are- Midi dresses, A-line dresses, boyfriend jeans, capris and crew necks.


We hope this blog gave you clarity about yourself. It is very important to be self-aware and know yourself right. So the next time when you plan to shop, you are much enlightened about your body type.  

Remember-We gave you suggestions according to different body shapes but you can wear whatever you think looks good on you. Be confident!

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