It is the first time in a decade that we’ve been confined to our homes. Being in a lockdown situation where we need to practice quarantine can get a bit enervating. Well fashion is still not restricted. In order to stay high in spirits, styling can play an important role. Home is where the feeling of comfort is infused all around and hence we may feel slothful while we clothe.

There are two diversions when we dress up at home.

The very first is for people who are in the house with no external responsibilities or work. Now these are times when layers of clothing don’t count. It is all about comfortable pieces. Staying productive and active is requisite for a healthy mind and a healthy body. Therefore, we should make sure that the way we dress every day should be a blend of snuggly yet correct clothing. Wearing lose tees with pajamas often makes us lazy which we do not comprehend on a day to day basis, whereas if we wear comfortable yet good clothes, there are less chances of staying inactive and more chances of being productive. Believe it or not but wearing the right kind of clothes or those  that make you feel confident play a pertinent role in uplifting our mood. 

Given below are few looks that we have styled for you so that you can make the most of quarantine,

1. We all have our go to t-shirts which make us feel cosy and are super amazing with respect to the material. Check your wardrobe and look out for all those tees that soothe your skin and make you super comfortable around the house. 



2. It gets a little tough for us to breathe in and wear denims at home but if you have one that fits you perfectly and is airy then it’s a heads up! It will make you want to be on toes and stay active.



3. When you feel like chilling and reading books or practicing your hobbies, you can wear wide leg pant or a palazzo and wear a very basic and simple top. And of course, what is a better combination than a tee with shorts?




4. Lastly, if you own many dresses, frocks or maxis, bingo! You can totally just spend your days wearing them! 




Moving on to the second situation, if you are one of those who has to work from home, complete tasks given by your company, attend meetings online or even go live on sessions, ensure that what you wear is apt for it. Even if you are at home, you can wear formals and feel professional. It not only sets you in the frame of mind to work but also helps others feel active when you are live online. 

If you are a teacher or someone who has to regularly take online lectures or meetings, it is vital to be rightly dressed. If you are not okay with wearing pants, go ahead with wearing a formal shirt and informal bottoms, after all no one will recognize ;)

Examples of looks for this situation is as follows-



With this, we come to an end of this blog. Try to be as dressy as you can without compromising on your comfort totally. We believe that you will feel much optimistic and active: Give it a try! Quarantine can be harsh on our mental health but this is all for our safety and betterment. More power to everyone!


The outfits given above are available on our website, you can easily access them,  however in this blog it is just shown as an example.


Items that are in stock can be shipped within 48hrs but ONLY in orange and green zones in India. The list of orange and green zones will be uploaded soon. You can still add to cart for future purchase! International shipping has not yet begun.

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