The most undermined accessory that is prevalent today is a belt. The usage of belts has reduced to a greater extent lately. One common myth that most common women tend to follow is that belts are only used to cinch the cloth with the waist to make it fit perfectly. However, belts can make or break an outfit. Belts can be precisely used for fashion purposes.

There are various types of belts according to different patterns, stitches, sizes, usage, etc. In this blog, you shall come across the types and belts that you can wear according to your body type.

Buckle belt- A buckle belt is a classic regular belt that has a strap with holes and a buckle to fasten it.

Braided belt- As the name suggests, the strap of this belt is braided and thus making it look a little different from the rest. It is exactly similar to the buckle belt leaving the strap part.

Military belt- This one is very easy to wear and is very basic. It does not have holes, there is just a buckle to fasten. The easiest resemblance is the seat belt of a car or that in an airplane.

Skinny belt- A sleek and slimmer version of a buckle belt is a skinny belt. The strap is very thin as compared to other standard sizes.


There are many more types like a metal belt, laced belt, choker belt, chained belt the studded one, or an embossed belt. While all these different types exhibit different touches to your look one common thing amongst all is that they are purely worn around & about the waistline.

Do you know what your body type is? Have you ever thought of finding out? If not then head onto our last blog that will help you determine what your body type is.

Now that you have done a follow-up on it, we would like to give you recommendations as to which belt can go along well with your fit.

HOURGLASS- The most uniform figure is that of an hourglass body shape. Belts that can best complement and uplift your outfit are -

  • buckle belts
  • peplum belts
  • laced belts
  • bow belts


PEAR- In this body type since your hips/thighs are more noticeable, it is suggested that you try out slimmer belts that can cinch your waist prominently.

  • Skinny belt
  • Braided belt
  • sleek metal belts

APPLE- Since your upper body has more definition than the lower one, try to style your belt to even out the proportion of your body.

  • T-lock belt
  • Sash
  • military


RECTANGULAR- Since this type has an athletic or fairly uniform shape, a waist belt is a must to give yourself a quirky look. Some types of belts that we suggest to you are-

  • Corset belt
  • chain belt
  • wide buckle belt


INVERTED TRIANGLE- It is necessary to construct your outfit according to your body type. If you know your body well, you will know that in an inverted triangle type, the main focus is on the shoulder area.


  • Pairing broad and wide belts can even out the focus on the look entirely.


Belts showcase this extra added effort in the attire. Simplifying the styling of different types of belts according to your need just makes it easier to buy. If you found this blog informative & worth the read, do check out our belt collection!

Happy Buckling ;)

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