As you read by the title of this blog, we will be covering a very vast area of a staple clothing piece- JEANS. Jeans were invented in 1873 which is almost about 140 years ago by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. What we call ‘denim jeans’ today was introduced by them back then. The history of jeans is very interesting and has evolved and been modified into a huge variety of clothing today.

With the growth of fashion, we have several types of jeans today. If you are someone who still isn’t well versed with the types, then this blog is going to be very informative for you. 




The most common and classic fit of denim is straight-cut jeans. The straight leg has a consistent width from top to bottom. The classic touch is added when ankle opening of the jeans is slightly wider in its circumference. They are also known as cigarette jeans.



The next widely purchased pair of jeans is the skinny fit. As the name suggests, this type of jeans is quite figure-hugging and is skintight from the waist till the ankle. 



Similar to skinny jeans but not the same, is the slim fit one. Here, the denim is slinky from the hips and thighs but loosens a bit towards the end. We can say that it has mixed proportions of the straight cut and skinny jeans. 



A little bit of backstory here, the boot cut jeans were designed for the sailors during the 1850s so that they could comfortably wear boots. These jeans are wider at the bottom giving a slight flare look. Suitable for all body types, these jeans will make you look taller. 



Also referred to as a boot cut, flared jeans are close-fitting at the hips and thighs but go wide open from the knee to the ankle. They have flares along the opening end. Bell bottoms are also the same. 



Also known as the ‘super cool’ fit. Distressed jeans are typically more vintage and give out a worn-out look. They are like ripped jeans but there is a line of difference between the two. Distressed jeans have a frayed fabric i.e they detail fraying instead of having rips. 



Favorite of all is our next type that is ripped pieces of denim. They never go out of style and we’re sure the name itself is very familiar. Ripped jeans have slits and rips on the denim, usually done at the knees, nowadays one can find rips anywhere on the jeans. Well, we can vouch, ripped denim will never go out of fashion. 



Billowing jeans are well fitted around the waist but go loose fitting from the thigh till the ankle. If you think jeans and comfort are poles apart, then baggy jeans are the ultimate example of comfort in jeans. 



Synonymous to baggy jeans the boyfriend fit is more lounging. What sets it apart is the extra length from the bottom that is folded into a cuff. Boyfriend jeans also give a distressed or a ripped look. 



No matter the shape and size, mom jeans are practically high-waisted denim that was quite popular among mothers back in the 80s and 90s. termed as an old-fashioned one, they have a roomy fit around the hips and crotch. 




  1. REGULAR- The waistband of the denim jeans rests exactly at the waist level.
  2. LOW RISE- This style of jeans has a waistband below the belly button.
  3. MID RISE- Very near to the regular waistline, this fit has the waistband 1-2 inches below regular rise. 
  4. HIGH WAIST- Preferred by many, this type of jeans has its waistband fitting above the belly button and above the regular waistline. 


Jeans are made and stitched taking into consideration various leg and waist measurements. It is very commendable how a single denim fabric has come such a long way with its modification into newer styles. Jeans now have different lengths, shades, embellishments, patchworks and can be styled in innumerable ways.

Leave a comment and let us know which type of jeans is your favorite! 

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