Earrings are a jewelry staple that have been used as a body modification since history. They have played a predominant role in the culture of various civilizations. With time, the use and prestige of them has been dynamic. Not known to everyone is the fact that earrings and earring backs have different types. In this blog we have put together all types of earrings that you should be apprised of.


They are in a loop like shape from the front of the earlobe to the back also known as a hinge back or just a semi-circle. Hoops come in various sizes, thickness and length ranging from small to large and thin to thick. In trend were hoops of not only circles but also triangles, squares and hearts.


These are the most used form of earrings. A stud is attached to the supporter that is exactly on the earlobe and worn with a post back. The studs are either diamonds, stones or imitation pieces. They are ideal for various ear piercings.


As the name suggests they drop i.e. they are hanging downwards from the ears. Drop earrings are vertically lengthy and have a stem like shape with entrancing designs on it. They are also known as dangling earrings and are similar to chandelier earrings which have chandelier like designs intricate with finesse.


Well, tassels are a totally distant form of earrings that are as colorful as they can get. They are attached on hoops or are multilayered. The materials used for them also have a wide range from silk to cotton to thread and beads.



It is a string, chain or a metal wire that is sleek and passes through the ear piercing and is dangling on both ends. It is just one single piece that hangs on both sides of the earlobes. They are light weight and do come in varying designs or looks.



Jewelry designers come up with the most sui generis creations and jacket earrings are just one of them. This type of earring has a stud or a pearl attached in the front of the earlobe and the main part of the earring rests behind the earlobe. It is like an inverted regular earring which has the main body behind the earlobe.



The fashion world has outgrown what it was and people have started breaking the rules. Mismatched earrings are basically two different styles worn on either of the ears. Fashion influencers and models pair a dangling earring along with a stud earring and many more combinations that are simply awe-inspiring.



Huggie earrings are thick small hoops which accommodate diamonds and stones. Cluster earrings are a type of stud earrings that have small cluster designs to form the look.




Now a days you do not necessarily require a piercing to wear multiple earrings. There are few types of non-piercing pieces as well.


Ear cuffs- They are worn on the outer cartilage. Their snug fit around the shell of the ears makes is easy to ornament.


Clip on- Clip on earrings are so effortless, there is a clip that shuts and holds around both the sides of your earlobes without much pressure. It is a substitute for pierced earrings.


Magnetic earrings- A magnetic force holds the earring on the earlobe. Usually studded earrings have magnets. These kind are worn more by men than women.


Stick-on- This one is self-explanatory. It has an easy adhesive on the nestle that sticks to the skin. A drawback of this is that it cannot be used for heavy pieces.



With this we come to the end of this informative write up. Earrings are versatile and quintessential piece of ornaments that are adorned not only by women but also widely used by men. From being a status indicator to making the look complete, earrings are an inseparable part of the fashion routine.

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