“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” -Gary L. Francione


Awareness and global realization have alerted most to turn Vegan. However, it is not only about the food, veganism is also about the way we dress, what we wear and what we choose to purchase. The purpose is not met if someone claiming to be a vegan, wears leather! 


Sustainability has extended its line towards animal-friendly clothing. What we call ‘vegan clothing’ is just buying cautiously by keeping in mind the welfare of animals. If you are vegan or plan to turn vegan, then this blog is going to add some value to your practice.


Now a very basic question that would have come to your mind is, ‘What is this concept about?’ Vegan clothes are cruelty-free clothes that are produced and made with utmost care. The ideology says that the entire process will be made without hampering the livelihood of animals and without using their by-products as materials for clothing. A very simple example is wool and fur. Both of these are made using animal fur and skin. 

You must be well learned that leather, wool, fur, cashmere, angora, elephant tooth, silk, feather, and exotic skins are made out of animals.


Opting for clothes, handbags, belts, shoes made out of them is a big NO! The amount of pain an animal has to go through is unbearable. Imagine your skin being peeled to make a wallet, that is disgusting, isn’t it? That is exactly how animals feel but fail to express! This is not only torture to animals but it also aids in harming the environment. The toxins generated not only pollute the earth but the wool damages to land and causes climate change. Silk is one of the worst environmental offenders. Imagine the impact of it on the environment and humans.



So what to look for?- well, if this is the next question in your mind then recollect how many different types of fibers and materials are used to stitch and make clothes. You can ‘buy smart’ and do a little study about different types of fabrics. Man-made fabrics are a go-to when it comes to ethical buying. Cotton, bamboo, synthetic, recycled fabrics, polyester, rayon, etc belong to the ‘safe material’ family. They are made without hampering animal life. Most brands today sell clothes that are made of faux fur, artificial skin, animal-free leather, and vegan fabrics in general. So that is good news, You can still buy leather-textured or woolen clothes without having to worry.  



Every brand has a label that mentions the material used. And if you are browsing online then every brand has a detailed product description. But most of the time, we tend to skip reading that, because it is a task, isn’t it? Trust us, it is the best help you can get without having to stress about what kind of clothing to buy. Reading such things will make you well aware of different choices that you can depend upon. 

Larger stores prefer fast fashion and majorly fail to put thought towards vegan clothing. During such times, you can depend on and consider small businesses that have specialized in giving you and the environment the best! 



Switching to an eco-friendly option can be a little tough considering the availability of such options around us. However, many products are animal friendly without actually putting thought into them. Cruelty-free cosmetics have also been booming nowadays. Yet another basic example is that of an earring. Artificial or intricate earrings are made without the use of any animal product. 



The bright side is that the fashion and textile industry has understood the gravity of this hideous situation and is taking full efforts to give the best alternative and substitutes in the market. 


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