Things have begun to ease and everyone has started travelling for a much needed break. Holiday destinations and touristy places have started welcoming accommodations. Vacation preparations have become even more exciting but confusing at the same time. We are always indecisive when it comes to packing our bags. Read ahead as we have got you covered!



Amidst the pandemic we have enjoyed mini car rides as they were the only safe option on our list. Road trips have become a trend and they are no less than any other trip. Want to go fancy yet travel with comfort? Here are clothing and other essentials that you can pack taking into consideration the luggage space.

  • For the top you can wear/carry a camisole that is not too body hugging.
  • A t-shirt dress that is a bit oversized yet looks super fitted on the body.
  • For footwear you can choose slip on or sneakers with cozy socks.
  • Carry a scarf or a mini blanket to take naps and sip on coffee.
  • Do not go overboard with jewelry.
  • Lastly, a chap stick, moisturizer and a mini deo to stay fresh!



Beach vacations are something that are looked forward to! It can get as therapeutic as the sound of the waves and as soothing as the sand! Who doesn’t love the tan that develops after a good beachside stay? Make sure you pack according to the duration of the stay.

  • Carry at least one bodysuit! Cause why not?
  • A satin wrap up maxi dress which has a split on the bottom looks killer for late night beach parties.
  • If you are not a fan of bikinis then carry flare sleeved midis that you can pair with hats.
  • Avoid carrying denims or anybody fitting bottoms.
  • For accessories you can go boho and a little junky. Pair multilayered necklaces with beachy charm pendants and dangling earrings.
  • Carry lightweight slippers and avoid heels or shoes.
  • Don’t forget to carry sunscreen and sunglasses!



Short weekend trips are also quite refreshing and a wonderful getaway from weekly work and chores. Going to nearby hill stations or retreat destinations are the majorly adopted choices for a weekend trip. One steal tip is to pack less but pack smart.

  • Jumpsuits and dungarees are a good option to pack.
  • Spaghetti short dresses with shrugs or long jackets that go well with each other.
  • A summery romper or floral patterns are evergreen when you are travelling to a hill station.
  • For accessories you can carry minimalist earrings, bracelets and caps!


What time of the year is it? Well well well, its winter! Lucky are those who live near the snowy areas! As much as we enjoy visiting the snow, we tend to forget how cold winter mornings and nights get there. If you are planning to take a trip to the snowy destinations, here is the perfect list to pack!

  • Do not forget carrying thick sweaters and gloves.
  • A cute beanie or any headgear of your choice would be essential.
  • Carry only full sleeved t-shirts, co-ordinates or dresses.
  • Woolen or knitwear material is ideal for such temperatures.
  • Big boots or chunky sneakers should be carried along with long, thick socks.
  • Leather bags will look classic for the travel.



The youth and trek lovers have begun to go for treks and tent camping in groups. If you are someone who is yet to experience it, go ahead and plan one because it is as thrilling and fun as it sounds. Here is a short list of things to pack!

  • Hiking shoes are preferable but any sport shoes with a good grip are also good to go.
  • Carry light material tops and leggings. Do not carry dark colored clothes as they attract heat. Prefer carrying colors like white, blue, green and yellow.
  • Do not take purses or handbags.
  • Caps and sunglasses should be at handy.
  • Pack a good 1litre water bottle and energy drinks.
  • Carry a bag pack and do not stuff it with lots of clothes.

So now you know where to read if you are confused with what to carry and what to avoid carrying. If you are taking a trip anytime soon then happy journey and safe travels!

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