Ever wondered about dressing up according to your zodiac sign? Ever thought your zodiac sign would also determine your fashion? Well researchers do say that your personality and the way you dress might depend upon your zodiac; however there are no certain facts about it.

In this blog you will get to know how we have selected the perfect dresses for you according to your sun sign!


  1. ARIES

If you are an Aries, you’ve got the most chic yet simple style! You can never let fashion go for a toss! From wearing the most comfortable and correct fabrics to never going wrong with the look, this short dress is the perfect one for you. It will not only give a pullover like feel but will also compliment with your most fashionable and trend setting accessories.

Style Mantra- ‘sleek and chic’


If you ask anyone who is Taurus, they will never deny a fashion magazine. If ‘fashion’ was an album, you would choose ‘trending’ as the playlist. Your style includes looking petite and as ‘go to’ as you can. A Taurus is never afraid to try something new with no fear of not pulling it off. We have chosen this look for you. It has long netted sleeves with artsy patchwork with assured comfort!

Style Mantra-‘A trending playlist’


Here comes the most amicable one. If you are a Gemini, floral and prints are your staples. You can ace any outfit with prints and floral that have been in trend and transition from the early stages of fashion, to the current most experimental fashion era. You are very affectionate with what you plan to wear. This ruffled dress with off shoulders and bell sleeves topped with modern day floral will be a heads up for you!

Style Mantra-‘Palette of prints’



You are known to be nonchalant. The way you dress is so composed, poised and inch perfect! Your clothing style includes elegant attires which are usually of solid colors. You don’t really prefer prints in your silhouettes and try to look as ideal as you can. To showcase your inner Cancerian we have found this perfect v neck split hem dress. With the color being so elegant and the waist knot is simply adding to the whole look!

Style Mantra- ’Elevated Attires’

  1. LEO

Leos always trust their gut. You prefer to pick all the killer looks in the town. With your bold sense of style you can pull of looks that usually not everyone can. Style is a challenge for you, but it is a challenge you can win with your vibrant, loud and ever exuberant taste. This solid ruched one piece will be the perfect buy for you. With its voluminous and off shoulder sleeves you can be a model on the go!

Style Mantra- ‘Simply vivacious!’

  1. VIRGO

As a Virgo, you always prefer to stay on simple grounds. Going extra ordinary with clothing is not your thing. You always look out for trends that have been famous long ago and you prefer to stay safe with your styling. Fashion is simplicity for you. You are very thoughtful before purchasing any fashion clothing. Playful sleeves and simple prints is definitely a combination you would prefer. So here is a crew neck dress, which is not only pastel simple but also has long tassel sleeves to give it a tailor made look.

Style Mantra- ‘Simplicity is you’

   7. LIBRA

Just so fashionable! Your closet includes outfits for every occasion day to night. Your sense of style is appreciable. You are always on the edge when it comes to fashion. You literally dream fashion. It is an important staple of your routine. You are quiet informed about the latest trends, styles and pieces and are always ready to purchase whatever you like! We have selected this turtle neck bodycon dress just for you. The sleeves are puffed with a polka dot look.

Style mantra- ‘Fair minded fashion’


Being a Scorpio you like to be well put. Your outfit is always picture perfect. You like to look effortlessly smart and always prefer to have some sort of extra accessory on. Just like this mini dress with black shades that looks so boss smart with no effort and time. Your style is quite uniformed and you do not waste your time filling your wardrobe with several non-similar looks.

Style mantra- ‘Perfect and persistent’


Summers, style and smile are all Sagittarius! You can get as casual as you can. Your clothing preferences include tints of colors especially strokes of summer colors. You are playful and completely inclined to dressing up without much cribbing. Your hangers are filled with adorable looking clothing pieces. This strapless dress defines a complete Sagittarius. The pastel blue color with mini adorable flower prints shows how basic yet cute you are!

Style Mantra- ‘Gentle and gracious’



You are a realm of positivity! Your style book includes common colors with a modern spin. You like to be perfectly polished with style at every time of the day. With trend phases you tend to change your wardrobe themes, however you like repeating outfits that make you look flawless and over the top. You can walk into lunch and dinner with the same outfit with complete confidence. Hence, we think this cold shouldered white dress is apt for you!

Style mantra- ‘Pool of Positivity’



It is said that an Aquarius are born shy and quiet but when it comes to dressing up, they are pretty energetic and experimental. You often are keeping up and following the footsteps of various fashion bloggers and influencers. You love to know what is going on in the fashion industry and are always ready to explore the insights. You love bold colors and never shy away from wearing anything bold and setting a statement. No wonder this sexy red bodycon dress will look super bold on you!

Style mantra- ‘Bold bosses


Pisceans are known to be creative and highly picky with respect to styling. Their sense of style is the smartest.  You love to be balanced and have all kinds of prints and styles in your wardrobe. You have a very good eye for clothing whilst you are shopping. You enjoy buying clothes from brands to thrift, if you like it you buy it! You cannot resist from shopping and have a very good trait of buying it only if you need it though! Lastly, we have picked this buttoned down red checks dress from our collection that will bring out the inner Piscean in you!

Style mantra- ‘mix bag of styles’

This was your sun sign style from our end. We particularly focused on the category of dresses which includes maxis, midis, floral, bohemian, classic, casual and party style! Leave a comment below if you want more of these blogs.

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