A versatile, ever trending and in demand type of bag that never goes unnoticed is a sling bag. Sling bags are a single or multiple compartment bags with a single strap to be carried on the shoulder. These bags were designed in such a way that they provide elementary access to the contents inside the bag. Sling bags generally have front closures and in other cases only a zip. The size ranges depending upon the design; however these bags are never too large because the word itself is associated with ‘sleek’. Belonging to the same flock are cross body bags. They have a long sturdy strap attached to the two upper ends of the bag that are worn diagonally i.e. the strap is rested on one shoulder and the bag rests on the opposite waist. These bags too have a single or multiple compartments. Their size is variable but is never too large. Cross body bags are widely used and more convenient than the sling bag as they provide more comfort whilst travelling. The oldest type of bag that is now used as a fashion statement by various men and women is the courier bag. Known as a messenger bag now, it has termed to be a style icon. The messenger bag is a medium to large size bag which is generally used to carry minimal as well as bulky items. Messenger bags provide easy, quick and systematic access to contents inside the bag. The actual question arises when one wants to know the difference between these bags. Belonging to the same flock they have various similarities as well as dissimilarities. Firstly, the length and adjustment of the strap of each of these differ. Secondly, the way it is carried is different too. Sling bags are carried on one side of the body, cross body bags are carried in a diagonal position and messenger bags are either carried holding in the hand or like the way slings are carried. One more point of distinction is the design and material of the bags. Slings and cross body are more towards the casual and routine use side whereas messenger bags are more towards the corporate side (as they are widely used by men and women for office as well as gym and school use). Now that it’s quite clear and straight about how these bags are distinct from each other and possess their own features you can check out our website for fresh and trendy collection of handbags ranging from the lowest to the maximum quality price.

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