FADS OF 2019

The fashion world witnessed a huge magnitude of trends that impacted millions of people. We saw a magnificent change in styles of the common public as well as the celebrities. Every year creates a new fashion look book. Markets all over try to become as flexible as they can to reach out to everyone in search of something that is new in trend.

Beginning with prints and patterns, the loud and voluminous animal prints were leading. From tees to pants and coats those leopard, wild cats, tiger and snake skin fabrics were a steal! 2019 was all about playful fashion; it was about unleashing your inner stylist. Many influencers were snapped wearing entirely mono chrome outfits. During the latter half, color block and patchwork spread like wild fire! We saw a shift in peoples taste and preferences towards the choice of color. This year was more about soothing, subtle colors for some, on the other hand loud for others!  Puffed sleeves, bike shorts, tartans, buttoned tees, square necks were popular amongst the youth.

Today, people are not afraid to try out something new. The public always finds it better to step out of their comfort level to adapt to the changing lifestyle. After a transition in clothing, accessories were also something that showed huge variations throughout.

Mini shades were a kick start to the year. Mini cat sunglasses, rectangular shades, square frames and sleek oval frames became a fashion accessory to uplift the entire look. Glare chains were also something highly worn by celebs.

Next on the go accessory were caps. Beret caps, bucket caps, flat caps, etc. were trending among both, men and women. We also saw different fabrics, prints and patterns on the caps. From fashion influencers to celebrities and even the royal family, we have seen a look book of such head caps.

Moving on to belts and bags. We saw this maddening obsession over belt bags also known as bum bags, waist bags and fanny packs. These bags had variations in shapes, sizes, and material. From genuine leather to canvas and denim, fanny packs have become a style symbol. It is not only a comfortable carry but also a medium to uplift your persona on a whole! Shrunken and mini bags were also used by models and magazines to create a different vibe to the look. D- Ring buckle belts with letters printed is something we witnessed in mid-19. Lengthy printed belts are definitely a steal! Nothing can be a better show stopper. Furry footwear, printed flat forms, embroidered mules is something everyone wished to have in their closet this year.

The craze for fashion is never ending. However most of these trends are now out dated and less wanted, but these trends have surely set a benchmark for the fashion industry in the upcoming years. What do you feel will be the trends for 2020? Comment down below and let us know.

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