Fashion Firsts Part II

Dresses started out in the 19th century, they are a benchmark of simple and comfortable silhouettes. Formfitting dresses later branched out into many categories like, maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, rompers, jumpers (jumpsuits) and many more. All you need to do to find your fashion first is to look into your wardrobe and see which dress defines you in the best possible way. 

Everyone likes to be fashionable and make their style distinct from others. The distinction is typically about the sleeves or the prints or pattern and cuts. We always alter our wardrobe from season to season. Like the flowy and loose frocks, crew necks with tassels on the bottom or the floral prints that we wear during summer. It is just so comfortable! Spring comes with our wardrobes being filled with gradient long dresses, pleated skirts, boat neck maxis, ruffles and splits and all the spring vibes. Well, when it comes to monsoon we all like to make casual and short dresses our ‘fashion first’. Bohemian prints, casual t-shirt dresses, waist belt one pieces is all we look for! 



What about going for brunch or to a fancy café? Do you prefer wearing casual clothes or wish to go all over the top? If you’re confused as to what has to be your fashion first in this scenario then we’ll help you out! You can easily flaunt a ‘no effort look’ by the following ways-
1. Wear puff sleeve dresses.
2. High neck maxis
3. Polka dot rompers
4. Zipper body fits
5. Vintage prints



Moving forward to the ‘party look’- we all have seen people getting ready in their own way in parties, clubs and cocktails and looking stunning. Every lady in the house stands out with her outfit. We are well aware about our style when it comes to partying because more than our looks we also keep in mind the comfort aspect. Some women like to wear bold outfits like backless, deep necks and waist halters. Some like to be the black boss lady by wearing black midis, off shoulders, body cons, etc. Lastly come the ones who like to go all blingy over sequins, lacework, patchwork dresses. 



To put a lid on, everything today has broadened in all aspects. It’s up to you what do you feel about your ‘fashion first’. A single word itself has multiple hidden perspectives. We should always understand our view towards fashion and making a strong impact of it on our personalities.

Always remember, “Stand out, dress yourself and create your own runway!”

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