Necklace is a piece of jewelry that is used as an adornment since the earliest of times. Necklaces were a matter of pride for women back then. However, with time it has become gender neutral and worn by both men and women. With over different designs and fits, this piece of jewelry is extremely variegated. This blog shall give you a brief about every type of necklace. You shall come across kinds of neckpieces that are yet commonly unheard.

Let’s begin with a few that are known and pre-owned by all.


As the name suggests, it is a simple chain worn around the neck. This one comes in various sub types like beaded chains, chains with or without a pendant, multi-layered, rope like, etc. they differ in lengths and sizes and also have different plating like gold, silver, rose gold, or even multi colored.



Chokers have been trendy since the 1920s! It is a type of necklace that is close fitting to the neck. Chokers are intact and are made using different materials like leather, latex, velvet, plastic and beads. They have been causing discomfort to many due to its fit, however people still prefer it to be a fashion statement piece.



A collar necklace fits like a crew neck shape around your neck. It ends near your collar, hence the name! This piece of jewelry is usually worn with boat neck, off shoulder or strapless outfits. It gives a poise look to the outfit as it lies flat to the skin and is not freely dangling.



Lariat wraps around the neck just like a scarf and the ends are without any closure or clasp like other necklaces. The ends are either tied in a knot or have a small pendant or charm that fastens it together. In simple words, the ends are in the front side of the neck, either tied or wrapped around.



This one is made of beads or pearls and is single stranded. The beads increase in size from the ends to the mid, the largest bead is placed in the middle of the strand. They look exquisite when worn with formal attires.



An amalgamation of bold, contemporary and chic is a torque. It is made of solid metal that looks like a loop. This one is more like a metal collar or neck ring as you say. It has an opening in the front and does not have a clasp.




This type is very similar to pendant necklaces however, they have been quite modish. A pendant is substituted with a tassel in this type. Tassels are lose hanging charms that are made of threads, beads, different fabrics. They are usually long and give a bohemian look.



Well, Torsade is a French term that means ‘twisted’ or ‘cable’. A torsade necklace is like a cluster of twisted beads or pearls that are small in shape. It consists of many strands that have a common clasp, making the necklace thick in shape.




The only kind that has a personal touch and attachment is a locket necklace. This necklace has an amulet or a pendant on the chin that has tiny photos, mementos, or personal souvenir that contains sentimental values of the person who gave it and the one who received it.


Now moving to the lesser known kinds of necklaces, you might have seen them but the names might not be familiar to you.



A bib covers the front portion of the neck and upper chest. It is a broad necklace that is made of beads, pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, crystals, or imitation pieces. It is generally triangular or circular structured.



A lavalier is a small pendant that is hung around the neck that has an additional hanging below it. This necklace is also known as a Y- shaped necklace. The centered pendant has additional embellishments hanging below the focal center piece of the necklace.



A festoon is an architectural term that depicts garland, wreaths or ribbon arrangement of flowers and leaves. The necklace incorporates all these elements and binds them together using metal chains. This neckpiece is vintage styled that gained popularity in the Victorian era.



These necklaces are heavier than the usual weight of necklaces. They are rigid and not so flexible. Plastron necklaces lengthen till the bust line and cover the same area as a bib necklace does. Earlier they were made of wood and now they are also made up of glass, beads, silver or rhinestones.



This piece has older roots and is very classic in its style. The main chain that is encircled around the neck is attached with free flowing fringes. These fringes can be of the same length or can even be graduated in nature.


A matinee style is known for its length. The length of this necklace is longer than a choker and shorter than an opera necklace. This can be used as an additional layering to the other necklaces. It is suggested to wear it in a high neck or even a plunging neck.


  1. OPERA

The opera neckpiece is available in pearls and beads and is said to add a bit of drama element to the outfit. This necklace is usually longer in length and is worn during parties, cocktail events and even formal evenings. The extra element is the dramatic look that it represents.


Lastly, we have -


Just as the name it is, a princess necklace symbolizes the royal adornment of a woman. This necklace is made of shimmering extravagant rhinestones with regal designs that also contain beads and pearls and shining diamonds. It is a type of wedding jewelry that makes the bride look like the princess of her special day.


Necklaces have unequivocally gained momentum in the fashion world today. With endless types and sub-types of necklaces, now you are familiar with the prime of all.

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