Part 2

In this blog you’ll review pick up’s from our website that are styled with masks.

Over the period we have understood how important it is to wear masks outdoors. However, this is not limited to only the pandemic period. Even after this phase people will continue wearing masks for personal safety and hygiene. Many fashion related businesses have started producing masks of different colours, styles and prints. Customisation of masks has also become a trend lately. Many brands have started producing masks that match their clothing.

We have also taken into account the necessity of a mask and created the following looks for you. The masks we chose are of basic solid colours that will get along with outfits from our range.

  1. A casual day out: All of us are waiting for the day we can freely step out of the house and go to our favourite spots. May it be going for a movie, going to shop, going to meet friends or just a casual day outdoors? This tie dye tee with a blue wash denim paired with a small backpack and a yellow mask is altogether a very apt outfit. The pastel shades and the cool colours paired with a yellow mask go very well together.


  1. Running errands: We all have checkboxes to tick which include smaller tasks in everyday life. Well, even when the world was on a halt running errands was a basic necessity which had to be finished by stepping out. A basic and quality material dress which ensures no discomfort is very useful. Thus, this blue short dress along with a spacious quality bag paired with a blue mask is a complete outfit. If you have masks that are blue in colour, you can always pair them up with any other shade from the blue colour palette and you will be good to go.


  1. Upcoming parties: Looking forward to many parties and functions? We are sure you have multiple plans with your social circles! Ensuring safety is of utmost importance when you will be going in a social function. Black is a universal colour which can be used and paired with any other colour that exists. If you think in a smarter way, investing in a black mask will make you not worry if your outfit looks well put or not. We paired this mustard coloured jumpsuit which has a deep neck with a black party bag and a black mask.


  1. Girl gang reunion: We all are fond of a get together with our girl squad. It is always fun to meet your girls and spill the tea and fill your galleries with pictures taken during the golden hour! Haha! Only we know how poised we are when it comes to selecting outfits. This classic chain printed shirt along with a pink quilted handbag looks very well complimented with a grey mask. Grey is a very classic and neutral tone again.


  1. Life of a student: during teenage and early adulthood, we tend to be more outgoing and more involved in college, school or extra-curricular activities. All of this will commence again and we will have to get back to normal by taking necessary precautions. A white mask is said to be the most pleasant and most advised colour as it reflects heat. This black co-ordinate with white stripes and a black and white bag is together a monochromatic outfit. Hence, a white mask is selected to entirely make it a monochromatic outfit for a regular student.




  1. If your outfit colour is different from the colour of your bag, then wear a mask of the shade of the bag.


  1. If your clothes and bag are of the same shade then wear a mask of the similar shade or a shade that compliments it.



Masks are important now and we have to try our best to continue wearing them in future too. You can easily experiment various outfits with printed and customised masks as well. With this we come to an end of part 2 of Raiment Lookbook.

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