Warmer days, new tans & a holiday mood- YES, its summer! Everything under the sun seems hotter during this time of the year. While sipping coconut water beats the scorching heat, what we wear is also of primacy. It is not difficult to keep your wardrobe summer-ready. All you need is the right selection of fabrics. Summer fabrics are essential especially to stay cooler and aid your skin to breathe.

The fabric of your clothes matters and to make your summer pleasant lookout for the following fabrics while you select your outfits of the season.  



Starting with a very obvious fabric- Cotton. This natural fabric is lightweight and has many perks while using it for producing clothes. It has a high absorbing capacity and can soak in the sweat during hotter days. The cotton fabric not only ensures comfort but is also long-lasting.




This thin weave fabric is made from either cotton or linen making it quite summer-friendly. The texture of the chambray is soft with a finer layer that will save you from the heat and humidity. It looks like denim due to its color but is quite different as it is a typical cotton blend. Do consider purchasing chambray-made clothes.




Linen is known as a ‘feel good’ & ‘cool cloth.’ It belongs to the eco-friendly club. This fabric has been widely worn since the oldest times. It makes outdoors easier to survive during the peak summer hours. It has a faster drying capacity than cotton. This natural fabric is bio-degradable and has earthy properties.




Yet another fabric piece crafted especially for the summers is Rayon. It is man-made and is made from raw materials like wood, cellulose, and natural synthetics. Rayon has high absorbency and retention capacity. Linen and silk are similar but linen is more like cotton due to its properties thus making it wearable during hotter days.




This textile is made of cotton and hence it all functions similarly to a piece of cotton fabric. Seersucker is a striped piece of cloth that has puckering’s on it. It is quite doable since it doesn’t need ironing and is lightweight and airy. Since it has a little design on it, the seersucker is very modish.



Khadi Cotton-

The majority of us know that khadi is hand spun and it is made of cotton, silk, or wool. Khadi symbolizes versatility which means it is wearable in summers as well as winters. A sub fabric known as khadi cotton is ideal for the summers while that made of silk or wool is apt for winters.


Now that we spoke about the most advisable fabrics for summer, here is a list of less ideal fabrics that you can avoid wearing during this season. Some of them are less heat reflective, less absorbent, abrasive, less comfortable, useful for other climatic conditions, etc.

  1. Polyester
  2. Nylon
  3. Canvas
  4. Fleece
  5. Knit
  6. Vinyl
  7. Wool
  8. Silk


Now that you are enlightened about the preferable textile materials. This summer, choose the right dress well!

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