Sustainability means a procedure or an activity that can prolong at a certain level for as long as it is needed. Conserving the environment and ensuring that the natural resources do not deplete at a faster rate is what sustainability is. Have you ever heard of ‘Sustainable Fashion’? Well, not many know what it exactly means. The fashion industry is booming and growing even rapidly day by day. We all know the multitudinous opportunities that this industry has created for the world.

 The amount of clothing in production daily, is huge! We all have adapted fast fashion. Fast fashion in simple term means ‘constant wear, use and throw’. In all the ongoing processes starting from planning the production to producing and selling and marketing, there is huge loss of natural resources. Knowingly or unknowingly a manufacturing unit or even the biggest and most renowned brands are causing harm to the environment. Loss of natural resources like, trees, water, fuels, energy, plants, and cruelty to animals is unstoppable and all this is eventually leading to an unbalanced ecosystem. Making clothes, shoes and accessories using animal fur, animal skin, bones is unethical on the behalf of manufactures and on the behalf of customers purchasing it.

 Well sustainable fashion takes all of this into account and in fact annihilates on many things that is detrimental for the environment in short and long term. From the producers end, sustainability includes using raw materials that are ecofriendly, ensuring proper treatment of waste and also taking into account the social factors. Social factors include safety of the workers and showing concern towards them. After the production procedure comes the transporting and storage procedure, at this step as well the company ensures that whatever commands and plans they have towards the storing should be taken by keeping environmental and socio-economic factors in mind. The 3 R’s that we have been hearing since school days is ‘reuse, reduce and recycle.’ Brands and companies should also adopt and try to reuse their leftover produce, reduce waste and unnecessary production and recycle as much as possible! It is good to hear that a lot of brands have started working towards sustainable fashion. New brands exclusively using sustainable means are stepping their foot in the market. Companies have started to mend their strategies towards long lasting fashion i.e. slow fashion. They have also started using certified textiles that are environment safe.

Consumers also play a paramount role. Sustainable fashion is not entirely about producers but it is also the consumers that have to learn, be aware and use products in a sustainable way. We, from the consumers end can ensure that whatever we buy is not harming the society or the environment. We should try the cycle of ‘renting and swapping’ clothes and products rather than buying fresh every time we plan to shop. We must be alert and aware and try to build a community that together moves towards accepting this change. Currently, the fashion industry is at the top when it comes to pollution and waste, it is trying its best to bring an efficacious change and ‘sustainable fashion’ will genuinely lead to a fresh and worthwhile impact which will save the ecosystem and aid the future generations.

Let us become conscious consumers and help the fashion industry with their ‘diligent try’ towards ethical fashion!  



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